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Conference Tips:
Choosing the Right Interpretation Partner

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Your interpretation services vendor is perhaps your MOST important partner
in delivering your message

Accurate representation of your message to your foreign-speaking delegates is CRUCIAL.
If clear communication is a priority, you should never pick an interpretation services vendor based on price alone.

Your interpretation partner should:

1. Use up-to-date high quality equipment

2. Use highly-trained, experienced simultaneous interpreters

3. Be available when you call or return your calls promptly

4. Listen to and understand your needs

5. Attempt to accomodate you—especially your last minute needs

6. Answer your questions fully and honestly

7. Seek to represent your company professionalism in appearance and decorum

8. Offer resonable prices

9. Provide helpful information to help you decide on which interpretation services best fit your needs

10. Inspire your delegates to thank you for delivering such a clear message

Why don't you check out Clear Signals and compare?

You'll see that Clear Signals is clearly your best choice for interpretation services. Contact Clear Signals today!

See also 7 Steps to a Great Deal

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