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Clear Signals rents and sells a variety of equipment for your meeting and conference needs, including:

Tour-guide Systems

The speaker in white wears a portable
tour-guide system (portable transmitter and headset microphone) as she addresses her listeners.

Close up of tour guide system

Tour-guide systems are light-weight, portable, and affordable alternatives to using sound booths and full-sized equipment.

Tour-guide systems consist of a battery-operated pocket-sized transmitter and a headset with boom microphone. They are perfect for when the speaker/presenter needs to be mobile, or in a small conference setting, such as:

  • classrooms
  • museums
  • factory tours
  • churches
  • small meetings
  • court rooms

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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Tabletop booth

Walk-in soundproof booth

Portable battery-operated transmitter for tour-guide systems

Tabletop transmitter for sound booths
Credit-card sized
FM receiver for simultaneous translation and assisted listening


Whether you need just equipment, or interpreters and technicians too, we offer you everything you need for a successfully interpreted event.

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Voting/Audience Response Systems

Audience Response Systems
Conference Microphone
with Voting

 Get instant feedback during conferences & meetings with voting systems. Capture the votes, display tallies overhead, and save results for analysis.

We offer both:

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Conference Microphones

Conference Microphones

We offer four types of microphones for your meeting:

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