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Capture your message as a permanent written record. Perfect in combination with Conference Recording

We can record your meeting, event, and conference discourses in a written, easy-to-read format. After we record your message, using special microphone setups to capture every word, we will put your message into a written format for later review or archival purposes.

Feature Benefit Why is this important?
More reliability than real-time transcription Allows you to "go back" and review what was said, even if time has passed Gives you more time flexibility to put your message in writing, and provides additional proof of meeting proceedings
Puts your audio message into written format Permanently record the proceedings in written format Perfect for archives, distribution, or reference
Individual microphones for each speaker Avoids background noise, disrupting passing of microphones, and aids clear voice capture Helps ensure that every word is clearly recorded for higher accuracy during the transcription process
Each speakers clearly identified next to their words Clear attribution of remarks allows accurate representation and accreditation of the participation Eliminates questions as to who participated, who said what, and in what context
Accurate capture of meeting discussions Evidentiary documentation of proceedings Even if someone has missed the meeting, he can still ascertain who said what
A small image of the presentation slides can be added to transcribed document, within context Gives a visual context for remarks and discussion Provides a greater facsimile of the context in which remarks were made
Opportunity to generate income through transcript sales Provide transcriptions to others, at no cost to you Saving money is good for your business

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